Birthday at a Game



Pkg. #1 | $29.99
8" Decorated Birthday Cake surrounded with 12 beautifully decorated cupcakes in Ashland University colors. One Happy Birthday Mylar balloon. 



Pkg. #2 | $19.99
12" Jumbo Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie. This cookie is  decorated in Ashland University Colors with a fantastic picture of the  Ashland Eagle. One Happy Birthday Mylar balloon.


Pkg. #3 | $19.99
Cut Out Cookie Tray consisting of 12 decorated Ashland University Cut Out Cookies. One Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon. 

If you would like to place an order, call Rachel at 419.289.5442. All orders must be paid for in advance of game day.  “Tuffy” the Eagle will deliver the birthday surprise.  Other sporting events available with a minimum of two weeks notice. Further details will be discussed at the time of ordering.  Orders must be placed 24 hours prior to game.